The Eleven Drum Majors

The dressing is cheap but does well enough.
The proceedings open with a song by one of the two women. There follows a song by the eight men and a vast quantity pf indifferent drilling and baton spinning.
The leader of the act enters with more baton work, in which he is aided by the others. This juggling is entertaining enough for a moment or two, but not for two-thirds of the act. It should be introduced as an incidental to the dancing and singing than as the whole material of the offering.
There is altogether too much baton swinging and juggling and rather too little singing, dancing and comedy. A rumor early in the week had it that the Majors was a copy of “The Black Hussars.” Nothing could be further from the truth. “The Hussars” have a vaudeville act.
Variety 6:2 (06/08/1907)