The Dunedin Troupe

The young women are riders, dancers, singers and are doing something all the time to keep the stage alive.
Even the music is good, the “Maxixe” selection being in use.
The team riding commences where all others leave off, and the troupe contains a boy that stands fa above all other riders for straight fancy work. This young man does two complete whirls around the handle bars while in motion before alighting upon the seat. It has been done by others, but with one whirl only. He also ides a “quad” upon one wheel, and there is the least bit of riding throughout done on the two wheels, either by the boys of the girls.. Besides the bicycle riding on the stage, there is balancing on a tight wire by one boy and one girl seated on machines.
A review of the Dunedin Troupe of bicyclists could begin and end by the statement that it is the best bicycle act in the show business. That it is.
Variety 5:3 (05/18/1907)