Sober Sue

Sue is a nice-looking colored girl, as they run, and seems intelligent; sufficiently so anyway to stand off "kidding," of which she receives plenty, but was placed in training for it by a course in the dime museums. Wednesday evening the mirthless person was intently dissecting a cartton of herself by "Tad," the "Evening Journal" artist. After she threw the paper down in anger, there was no chance of anyone that night winning the hundred offered by the management to whomsoever could make her laugh. One young fellow drew a picture saying when Sue had turned a scornful gaze upon him, "Doesn't that make you laugh? It makes me"; and Sue replied, "I don't know why."
While Sue has proven a good advertiser for the Roof, she is a sad commentary on the comedy bill William Hammerstein went to gret pains in gathering. On the last night of her engagement it is rumored Miss Sober Sue will "stand in" with one of the colored ushers to "throw" Hammerstein for the $100 reward. Sue is on duty during the evening performance, but there are no excited groups around. All the humorists from the Hotel Metropole have "tried out" on the negress without success.
Variety 6:5 (06/29/1907)