Singer’s Midgets

: 23 Mins.; Full Stage. Prodigies of the midget or lilliputation size are no longer a novelty on the American vaudeville stage. Singers Midgets, a recent importation from war-bound Europe, make their play for popularity on the strength of their numbers and their versatility of the little people. The midgets combine a mixture of variety, the act making the best impression with its concerted vocal efforts at the closing on the “Tipperary” number led by two of the company. This “Tipperary” song is put over in typical musical comedy style and is a valuable asset to the entire act. One midget is a miniature Sandow and makes some wonderful lifts for his proportions. One of the older little men puts two elephants through an interesting routine. A woman does pony riding which availed little. Nine of the midgets offered acrobatics, one showing more agility than the rest. Pyramids were in the majority. After a song-violin obbligato number by the man-woman “team,” the finish came with the song. There are 17 in the company. The program says 40. The remainder may have been too small to be seen.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.10, November 7, 1914