Shean and Marx

"Although it was freely predicted that "rathskeller acts" would have a short but exceedingly happy existence in vaudeville, the prophets have evidently made a losing guess or else that particular brand of amusement is undergoing a revival out here."
Piano and Singing - The only mystery surrounding the offering is Shean's makeup. The comedian essays the German character closely resembling the one made popular by his brother, Al Shean. However, other than the opening number, "Chile Chile Beans" from "The Big Banner Show," this Shean does not dabble in German. Marx then offered "Glow Worm" with variations and encored with "Oceana Roll." Shean returned to deliver his medley of parodies. Finally, Shean rendered one or two Italian songs (still in Dutch makeup, but with Italian dialect).
The boys made a riot.
Marx is an exceptionally good piano player and his personality stands out. Meanwhile, Shean can warble with the best. However unless he has some particular reason for his character, he should work straight or make the appropriate changes.
Variety 24:5 (10/07/1911)