Ray Samuels

Ray Samuels suddenly rose from oblivion to become the principal topic of discussion in theatrical Chicago. When she arrives in the east she will introduce a new brand of ragtime, something between a Clarice Vance and Sophie Tucker, but copying neither.
The character singer can be summed up as 95% personality, 5% voice. She does not sing, nor does she attempt to. She just chatters, swings her arms, snaps her fingers and occasionally shuffles her feet. She makes her audience part of her songs. All of her repertoire, excepting "They Always Pick on Me" and "Napoleon," are "coon" songs. Her other numbers include "Jesse James," which has a "Casey Jones" swing, a "kid" song, and her "Monkey Rag."
Her "rag" is excellent, but the "rube" is her masterpiece. Unfortunately she offers but one in her closing number, "Napoleon." She dresses plain and is good to look at. She is an artist and still has considerably hidden talent.
Variety 24:11 (11/18/1911)