Pringle, Allen and Co.

While "Keeping an Appointment" is not necessarily a new act, it is different than before. Searl Allen's sketch is a well written, complicated affair, which depicts the troubles of a pair of newlyweds who are continually kept on the move by the proprietor of an apartment hotel. The act opens with them moving into a room on the first floor. A hurry call for a club date (they are performers) finds them without costumes. They use various articles around the room to make up for a deficiency in clothes. When fully dressed, they sing and dance themselves off.
Pringle scored big when he brought his splendid voice into play.
Aubrey Pringle makes a handsome looking husband for Violet Allen, and while not quite up to the finish, a nifty cane dance, the baritone singer carried his part safely to success. The comedy is always above average, and well handled by Pringle and Allen. A third man, not programmed, as the bellboy went through his part familiarly and filled in nicely.
Variety 24:5 (10/07/1911)