Pipifax and Panlo

13 Mins.; Full Stage. The best eccentric acrobatic act since the days of Rice and Prevost. It was the lifesaver of the early part of Hammerstein’s bill this week and the clown of the duo was a scream from the start to the finish. His work is exceedingly funny and his pantomime throughout got lots of laughs. The straight man is a mighty clever tumbler. Several of his tricks were applause winners. With a back-drop the scene represents a seashore. The straight appears as a naval officer with the comedian as a sailor. The straight opens with a few tricks which the clown tries to follow. The pace is swift and the comedy falls follow thick and fast. The final fall into the orchestra pit, and the general rough-house that follows, with the pulling down of the back-drop brought no end of laughs. The slaps off stage to mark the falls are very noticeable from the front and it would be better if they were worked with the drums.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.13, November 28, 1914