William Courtleigh is the John Henry in “Peaches,” playing a slangy young fellow, engaged to a girl, and who risks the loss of her affections through placing a wager on a horse race, saving her father from ruin. The “bet” is made on a “tip” given John Henry by Biff Donovan (Richard Crolius). Donovan is a tough person, full of the vernacular and bad maners.
Notwithstanding the evident nervousness of the cast, it scored emphatically, and was unanimously applauded from the dome to the pit. For a “Try-out” t has been no comedy act received with more frequent and loud laughter.
The sketch scintillates with bright lines, and is capably played, the surrounding company being excellent, especially Mr. Crolius. Although the plot might suggest drama, the piece is pure comedy, of the good and the laughable kind.
Variety 6:1 (06/01/1907)