Paul McAllister’s

After bowing fifty times, more or less, Mr. McAllister was allowed to continue. "German Lesson," the sketch selected for this week, is talky and drags badly. Mr. McAllister as a poverty-stricken musician whose opera has been accepted, handled a German dialect beautifully, although it became very tiresome after he had talked almost steadily for fifteen minutes. Anna Johnson, as the society girl in love with the poor musician, looked the part, but when it came to looking like the girl in love with the musician, there were a hundred young women in the audience more deserving of her salary.
It was a hard and critical audience for the other acts on the bill, for they had come to see their Paul and they didn't care who knew it. Listless and inattentive were they until the big "F" was flashed on the board, then a straightening up in the seats and silence, until "He" appeared. As of one voice the club murmured "Ain't he grand.
Variety 7:1 (07/06/1907)