Our Miss Gibb

An adaptation of the English show. Principal role played by Pauline Chase. A stunning looking brunette, Miss Aylin alternates between a French and a Scotch girl. There are 34 chorus girls, with eight or ten men.
Hats Goldfish Will you Sing this Glee with Me. Moonstruck.
It seems a pity that what is a good show, and may have been so accepted at its opening, can be spoiled by one person. The role Miss Chase does so badly looks as though written for Bessie. Miss Wynn could have become "Miss Gibbs" without trying. For were the principal character of the piece handled as it should be, the Knickerbocker play would be a faster show. Miss Chase is not the only weak spot. The "numbers" throughout the evening, barring the musicales of several (written by the authors of The Arcadians) have nothing, other than dancing here and there. No novelty is seen at any time in the staging. All the dancing "made good."
Variety 20:1 ( September 10, 1906)