Nace Murray and Girls

"Nace Murray and Girls" is the billing of the rearranged Stanley Sextet. While the people remain the same as before, the rearrangement has wrought a hundred percent improvement.
They open with a "Tommy Atkins" number led by Murray. The girls follow with "Alexander's Band," after which Murray renders "Ragtime at the Zoo." During Murray's number, the girls get into bathing costumes for "Float Me, Freddie," rendered by Lettie Love. They close the routine with "In Porto Rico." The last number has the girls in tights, led by Murray in a Spanish regalia.
Special scenery, new costumes and a different routine, consisting of five well selected numbers, have made a big difference. The producer has perfected a singing and dancing routine without the need of dialogue. Every song has been perfectly fitted, and equally well costumed. Murray and the girls should score a hit with this act.
Variety 24:3 (09/23/1911)