Mlle. Renee Florigny

Piano playing by concert pianist.
"Rigoletto," "Lucia di Lammermore" and "The Beautiful Blue Danube" waltz.
The opening selection, paraphrasing of "Rigoletto," was passed with little applause. The same may be said of the playing of the left hand arrangement of "Lucia di Lammermoor." "The Beautiful Blue Danube" waltz, closing, was heartily applauded and the player forced to give an encore.
For her part of the entertainment Mlle. Florigny offered three classical selections on a grand piano. There was a line on the program stating the make of this piano but it is doubtful that the instrument the company furnished to the artiste at the Palace this week will ever prove a great aid to the Steinway sales department. The piano had the "tinniest" sounding bass of any that has been heard in some time. This marred all of the bass passages Mlle. Florigny played and naturally grated on the music lovers present. Mlle. Florigny will do on vaudeville programs where operatic prima donnas on the Calve calibre are appearing, but as for straight vaudeville alone it is doubtful that she would prove an attraction.
Variety, 38:1 (03/05/1915)