Messrs. Hurtig & Seamon

The occasion was graced by the entrance of Messrs. Hurtig & Seamon into the delicatessen business in a modest way.
To make it slower still Joe Ali and his six musicians burst into melody regularly between each act, and a twenty-minute intermission is neatly worked in. The orchestra played ten overtures during the evening.
While the show was in progress—or as nearly progress as it got during the evening—an attendant went blithesomely through the audience distributing neatly printed cards announcing that at a lunch counter in the rear, pigs' knuckles with a garnishment of cold jelly and potato salad could be obtained for the insignificant sum of 25 cents. This is a pretty arr
The show is slow and plainly put together with an eye to economy.
Variety 7:1 (07/06/1907)