May Mayfren and Co.

War sketch, melodramatic in nature. Plot entails a young Frenchwoman who has killed her husband for having maimed their child and flees to Belgium, eventually saving the life of an English captain and his men from German spies.
"The Frenchwoman."
War plays and sketches showing wicked Prussians and virtuous Allies have been offered ad nauseum in London during the past six months, but "The Frenchwoman" is an excellent one-act piece of that caliber that would be acceptable at all times and in all countries. It is replete with suspensive melodramatic interest and action. The Frenchwoman saves the virtuous English but sacrifices her life. This role is played by Miss Mayfren and the four men (the fourth an Irish sergeant) are all good actors. The piece could readily be adapted for American and be as acceptable here as it is proving in the patriotic British metropolis.
Variety, 37:13 (02/27/1915)