Lew Ahern

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Lew Ahern is of the Wi|l Rogers lariat-manipulating monologing species whose best recommendation to start him off right at the Olympic was a three-sheeted announcement that Ahern was an Uncle Sam sailor-boy who helped entertain President Wilson on the George Washington on his trip across to France. Ahern was placed with the James E. Copper "Blue Birds" burlesque (American) show at the Olympic as an "added attraction." He appeared in the navy blue. He's a young chap apparently in his teens, with a likable personality and a youthful mannerism that is in his favor. He referred to Rogers with an old joke, that was born long before Rogers knew whether a rope was to be used as a lasso or a washline. Ahern is clever with the ropes far more so than his talk, although he had several puns that were surefire at the Olympic. His biggest laughs were with the B. R. T. failing to make money and that it was his suggestion that they turn it over to the Y. M. C. A. and let them try their hand with it and about his rope making 2,000 revolutions a minute, with more than that recorded in Russia. Ahern was well received. His act ran pretty short but what there was of it especially of the lariat routine was well received.
Variety, 54:1 (02/28/1919)