La Graciosa

15 Mins.; Full Stage. La Graciosa is offering a posing turn with the aid of lantern side effects and a cartload of scenery. It is entitled “Visions in Fairyland.” There are eight drops of scrim showing scenes leading to the inner circle of fairyland where the beauty poses. La Graciosa is a beauty of the brunette type, possessed of a figure which she exposes in fleshings. After the eight drops are slowly drawn up and the beauty is shown standing on a pedestal a number of slides are flashed on her which make her the center figure of views that seem to be enclosed in a frame. Some of the scenes are well worked out and very pretty, although the coloring is at times a trifle garish. There is a red-fire finish in the form of a “Let Us Have Peace” tableau that brought big applause. Several of the other views shown also brought applause Monday night, especially those showing the water scenes. One fault may be easily remedied. That was in focussing of the lantern. This means so much to an act of this sort every precaution should be taken to have it perfect in the matter of alignment. This act goes further in the way of effects that are brought about with the use of the lanterns. A rain effect and a snow effect are pretty and sure applause winners. The turn shows class.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.13, November 28, 1914