Kemp’s “Tales of the Wild”

The film series is of the Moqui Indians’ “sanke dance” shown in miniature at Coney Island last summer. The other views are scenic, with sunrise, sunset, twilight and moonlight splendidly blended in.
Mrs. Kemp keps up a running fire of explanation, most of which is lost in the interest in the pictures.
Mr. and Mrs. Kemp hold the stage for eighteen minutes with artistically colored slides and moving pictures of scenery and Indian life in Arizona and Wyoming.
It is in reality a Burton Holmes "travelogue" domesticated. Instead of forgin thousands of miles abroad for material, Mr. and Mrs. Kemp come out of the west with well arraged pitures in their grip. Apparently there are as few New Yorkers who have been West as to Denmark or Sweden. The idea is simple, but it is effective through being well put on. It either illustrates the rapid advancement of vaudeville when a stereotipicon lecture is a novelty, or the "you never can tell" pulse of an audience.
Variety 2:4 (02/23/1907)