Kate Claxton and Co.

The drama is the most massive stock production to ever be given in Washington. All seven of the scenes in the five act production are exceptional in regards to the attention to detail.
The popular melodrama, "The Two Orphans," is popular with both the old and young crowds. The story of Henriette, her blind foster sister Louise, and the Chevalier de Vaudrey is a story told hundreds of times by Claxton and her company. The cast includes: Miss Neilson as Henriette, Gertrude Bondhill as Louise, Richard Buhler as the Chevalier de Vaudrey, Dudley Hawley as the crippled Pierre, William D. Corbett as the minister police, Stanley James as Picard, and Frank Shannon as Jacques.
Miss Bondhill was unable to continue with her lines as the audience gave her a veritable ovation. She had to stop the show to give a short speech of thanks.
The revival of "The Two Orphans" should not be missed. Those who have seen the play will revel in the past while those who have not will take in a rare pleasure of seeing it for the first time.
The Washington Post (02/03/1914)