12 Mins. Kaisha is a classical dancer, assisted by two girl musicians and a leader who does a saxophone and an ocarina solo from the pit be- tween numbers. The girls are also used to dress the stage, introducing atmosphere for the dancer by similar costuming and posing. The dances show nothing new, opening with Egyptian dancing by the dancer in full stage, followed by the leader’s sax solo, later joined in by the two girls after a change, stepping out in “one.” The ocarina solo follows, the girls Joining in with double banjo, harmonizing in medley of published numbers. The act goes to full stage following, with a large Jar-shaped object in center. The dancer is concealed behind this and projects her arms through openings in the jar for a lifelike illusion of two snakes… The turn will pass nicely in the intermediate houses, but lacks the necessary class or punch for the bigger bills.
Variety, LVIII:2, June 3 1921.