Josie Flynn’s “Fashion Minstrels”

  It carries eight people, with Miss Flynn heading them although what there is to the act besides the production, Irene and Bobby Smith contribute. Those two girls are about all the turn contains.  A few lay figures in the form of dressed up chorus girls who do nothing are also there but they wear their first dresses too long and their second gowns are on for but the final number. Miss Flynn has a couple of gags that she sends over too strenuously and sings a song or so. The what might be called interlocutor Is Mme. Arnoldo, who wears a black gown and sings soprano. Only Miss Flynn blacks up. The setting has some looks but there doesn’t to be much be much behind that and the Smith Girls should stick to this turn; it stands them out because they have no competition.
Variety LVII: 6 February 1920