John Freeman & Co.’s “How a Bellboy Won a Millionaire’s

The heiress (Althea Brown) returns home intent upon suicide after waiting in vain at the altar for the bridegroom who was to have been. She orders dynamite, carbolic acid and a gun, and then decides to sing a song and die happily. If she had used the life destroyer first it would have been more considerate of her. Jimmy Baxter (John Freeman), a bellboy, refuses to allow the heiress to die, and is immediately voted by the heiress and himself a hero.
There is also a maid in the piece who loves Jimmy and sings a song.
The audience was not allowed to vote or they might be fighting for a recount this morning.
The trio are most amateurish, ill at ease on the stage and know nothing of reading lines. Mr. Freeman speaks broken English, or was trying to use a dialect. It was difficult to decide which. The act is impossible.
Variety 7:1 (07/06/1907)