Inness and Ryan

Maud Ryan (sometimes called Maudlin) made eight or nine changes, introducing some Parisian outfits that look like a months salary on the “big time.”
The duo opens with "When the Bloom is o the Heather." Maud then delivers about three minutes of fast talk, too fast for anyone from Chicago. It is doubtful if Maud knows what her next sentence is going to be; she ad libs everything. They have several songs, including an Irish gem, "Killarney Rose," which landed them several encores.
The house rocked with mirth at Maud Ryan's "old boy" comedy.
From a professional standpoint, there has never been such an advancement of vaudeville. Mr. Inness' appearance is an asset but he keeps in the background too much. He opens up all opportunities for Miss Ryan. Natty dressers, fairly good singers and Maud's talk will guarantee their success anywhere.
Variety 24:6 (10/14/1911)