In the Latin Quarter

“In the Latin Quarter” at the Fifty-eighth Street house this week, the scene is in Susette’s apartments among the studio buildings in the famed portion of the Parisian capital. Susette is a model for the artists, and she saved up a whole lot of money from her labors in that direction apparently, for the “apartment” is nicely furnished, even for a vaudeville theatre.
Viola De Costa is Susette. She is popular with the boys, and wants them to take her to a very Frenchy ball. They do, but before starting for the scene of festivities everyone sings* except Rebie Hazard, who plays a maid amazingly well, never reaching the center of the stage. The singing is the act. There is a quartet of young men, with good voices, and Miss De Costa has several selections also.
The "boys" ' win the audience with "Honey Boy," and Miss De Costa secures applause with her efforts.
Variety 6:3 (06/15/1907)