Howard and Jenkins

Singing and comic dialogue.
The "opening" jarred the very start. The "drop," which was transparent, was used to show a female "dope" sitting in a backroom. The "talk" with the woman handling the main line of gab, was lost in the shuffle. Impression desired badly conveyed. Lights go out behind transparency, showing exterior of saloon, concert hall, pawnshop and laundry on the Bowery. Cop appears and so does the girl "dope." Exchange of conversation, with girl using line of soliloquy heard in other "dope" turns. She used a few along this line: "See those heels? I run 'em down (this after she had said she was a detective). What makes me so Pale? I'm a bucket. I was never born. I was won at a raffle. An elephant is not an animal; it's an insect," etc. The policeman sings an Irish ballad, followed by more talk and double songs until the finish, which is in need of strengthening. Act may get by in the smaller houses.
Variety, 53:13 (02/21/1919)