Hope Gage and Co.

"An actor administers a whipping to the son of a town official in Montgomery, Atlanta, for cruelty to a horse. He is arrested and sentenced to work in convict uniform on a rock pile. Girl native has witnessed the thrashing and her heart goes out to the brave defender of the brute. Actor makes a getaway and hides in her shack. Her negro mammy turns out to be his former nurse. They aid him to make his escape by fooling the keeper who comes in armed with a shotgun."
"Pretty well worked-out comedy-dramatic sketch. By 'worked out' is meant consistently constructed. The plot, however, is also worked out, but in this instance it refers to the repeated use of the idea in various forms." "All of the roles competently played, with the negro mammy standing out through its comedy and its importance in the development of the plot." "Excellent big small time turn."
Variety (33:10), February 1914