High School Girls

(Red Raven Cadets:) Their dressing is pretty, but the wordrobe is not quite as lavish as that displayed by the other Dinkins companies. Gun shots, red fire, confusio and the American flag work up a good climax to the act.
A pretty new design for an Indian costume as shown in the song "Iola," in wich the voices of Alice Willard and Madge Hughes were heard to good advantage in harmony/ (Willard and Hugues:) She has an agreeable voice notwithstadning a touch of affection and between the pair some fairly bright talk was put over. (Miss Carle:) Her voice is of a quality that on seldom hears in burlesque. The pretty number "Lady Bird" is given by O. M. Howard, who has a good baritone which might be employed for ballad singing
(The Brennans:) Monday night they became confused in feeding each other, started to tell one joke, got lost in the tangle and had to go back later to the story they had half completed.
In the opening piece Kennedy, Evans, M. O. Howard and Miss Carle had several good bits, one involving a card game being good for unlimited laughs There is a good deal of knockabout, but it gets away from the inflated bladder sort of genuinely funny. Kennedy and Evans bring their ventriloquial specialty with them into the new company.
They do not work it nearly as well as formerly, being prone to roughen it up and get their laughs from knockabout. It was much better when the “dummies” remained seated until near the end of the bit and were then piled up in the corner.
Variety 2:2 (02/09/1907)