Herbert Cyril

Herbert Cyril is an English singer, called by the program “The London Johnnie,” probably by reason of Mr. Cyril’s wearing a high silk hat and a frock coat, one sleeve of which is longer than the other. If that is the latest London style in men’s fashionable clothes, mention should be made.
Mr. Cyril sang four songs, one, "Hello," first sung here by the Five Majors, and "Sailing in My Balloon," a selection in which Cyril coaxed the house to help him out. "Say No More About It" and "Well Connected" were the others. The latter is a bully idea, and an American word writer could probably polish this up for Mr. Cyril, if he wished, for a big laughing hit.
Mr. Cyril passed through, but he was obliged to work very hard to obtain the result. It will be a question of songs with Cril for the success he may meet with over here.
Variety 7:4 (07/27/1907)