Her Henpecked Husband

The sight of Edwin Arden dancing a sailor’s horn-pipe, wearing a woman’s hat and acting foolish in general for the sake of “art” in vaudeville will be displeasing to those remembering Mr. Arden in more serious efforts where buffoonery was not required.
Desmond Kelly, in the part of the wife, while attempting to successfully to bribe a burglar to bring to light the fact that her husband is a physical coward, asks the burglarious gentleman in the privacy of her apartment to turn his head while she removes the sum of $50 from a place where no "perfect lady" would be guilty of keeping her bank. Walter R. Seymour is the extraordinarily tough burglar, whipped and thrown out of a window by the heroic, although henpecked, husband at the finale.
It would be funny were it not sad to witness a erformance by Edwin Arden in such a piece and part.
Variety 3:3 (03/16/1907)