Helen Trix

: “Piano Songuluslerese.” 12 Mins.; One. Helen Trix put over the surprise of the evening Monday night at Hammerstein’s. She did a clean-cut single that carries with it more legitimate versatility than has been witnessed in a similar turn in ever so long. The result was that Miss Trix scored one of the biggest hits on the program, and left the regulars around the back rail, wondering why she hasn’t been playing in the New York big time houses before this. Opening in a modish wrap and hat, Miss Trix sang “I Don’t Care What becomes of Me” (rather light), and then sat herself before a concert grand, having removed the wrap and coat, revealing her self as a handsome girl in full evening dress. At the piano Miss Trix used “The Land of Coocooco,” not a bad rag, and followed this by a quick change off stage to a very agreeable boy, returning to the stage singing a pretty melody, and closed this part, still at the piano with “I’ve Joined the Squirrel Family,” a comedy number that got right over. After that Miss Trix accompanied herself while whistling pleasantly, and for a final encore sang “Ragpicker,” the only published number in her repertoire. When it may be said that Miss Trix looked as nice as a girl as she did as a boy, and vice versa, besides putting over everything of the many things she did in a first-class workmanlike shape. Helen Trix turned out a turn that can go on any bill, and she made her record Monday night, notwithstanding a poor position, “No. 9,” following much singing, including another singing woman single, but a couple of turns ahead of her. Miss Trix is proving herself a perfect little artiste this week, and compared with the many others, she is entitled to that word, clever.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.9, October 31, 1914.