Hallen and Hunter

11 Mins.; One. A young girl and man, the former playing the violin, also acting as straight for her partner’s foolishness. That consists of a James J. Morton-Frank Tinney-Harry Fox routine that shows a nice discrimination by this budding comedian. The “copy stuff” seemed to do at the Columbia Sunday afternoon. The girl plays fairly, but looks really well. No visible reason why she should use the violin at all in this act, excepting it sends the young copyist off the stage now and then to permit her to do so. The point of merit about the turn for consideration is that it has new jokes, or at least not any heard on the strange to date. That is something, really a great deal, and it might induce the man of the team to evidence originality as well in other directions.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.9, October 31, 1914.