Gus Edwards’ Typewriter Girls

The opening reveals an office and six slender and good looking blondes in neat light gray dresses, actively pounding away on typewriting machines.
Harry B. Watson, who is featured, is an office boy and announces that the “boss” will be absent for the day. He tells them to be merry. The girls form a background for a conversational song delivered by Watson entitled “Yours Truly” with intermediary jokes that have a familiar flavor. “Does Anyone Want a Blonde,” delivered by the girls, who almost penetrated the footlights with outstretched arms, was attractive ad appealed to the men in the audience. “School Days,” sung by two maidens, with fairly good voice, was te best liked number, and made a hit. The dancing of Watson was liked and the girls worked in splendid unison.
Some of the dialogue could be brightened up and the reminiscent jokes eliminated.
Variety 5:1 (05/04/1907)