14 Mins. A drop showing the stage entrance of a theatre with a messenger boy (dummy), seated on a bench outside, with the man working the dummy from the back, gives the act a little different opening. A woman dues a small bit with the dummy and does not appear again in the act. The man takes up his position on the bench and the act continues, although, for a couple of bits, the dummy is again worked from the back. Another dummy, a baby, is brought in neatly and a very good “kid” crying bit is introduced. The act is a little different from the many ventriloquial offerings. There is no attempt at eating and drinking while handling the dummy, and the turn runs along smoothly and evenly with a reason. The singing and yodeling are very good, and the act makes for very good entertainment in its present surroundings. The act would stand up very nicely in the smaller big-time circuits. It went very good here, getting nice applause throughout and finishing strong.
Variety, XII: 13, May 20, 1921.