Frank Dumont

"Dumont's Minstrels" Featuring John E. Murphy, Harry C. Shunk, George Wilson, F.R. Farron (Who scored a big hit with "Wedding Bells"), Allen Carter, Edwin Goldrick, James E. Dempsey, Vic Richards, Carroll Johnson and Alf S. Gibson. As a first part finale there was a travesty bit called "The Merry Opera War," with several operatic selections well rendered. In the "Lucia" sextet number Master Fagan, a boy soprano, made his bow. George Wilson came next with his singing and talking act and Miller and Mack, a pair of clever dancers, closed.
Each act was received with the warmest recognition and the afterpiece, "Who Discovered The North Pole," met with an equally cordial reception.
Variety 16:7 (10/22/1909)