Mr. Hart produced and staged the piece, the book and music having been written by Campbell B. Casad, while the lyrics are credited to A. Baldwin Sloane.
There are four scenes, and eight girls fill in the background. Pearl Ravere is in the lead. George O'Malley plays a frog and George Jaffeys is an owl. Barring the closing setting, the act is a sequel to "Polly Pickles' Pets." The scheme of birds and animals is again utilized, with a quantity of familiar "business."
The closing scene, with large firecrackers on the stage, from which the girls merge at the sound of an explosion is new and good, but will be bettered after working longer. The girls in the act must have been selected by Mr. Hart while he was in no mood to consider good looks. Monday night, at the second show, the performance ran smoothly enough, but while it will improve and be satisfactory*. "Firecrackers" is not a big hit or act, and is not likely to become either.
Variety 7:4 (07/27/1907)