Eva Tanguay

Another of her songs, called “I'm A Good Fellow,” or something of the sort, is calculated to make her professional friends who owe her money feel rather uncomfortable. The “Sambo Girl” song at the beginning of her act is altogether delightful and Miss Tanguay is her old entertaining self.
Eva Tanguay is a success. She knows it every Saturday night from her pay envelope. This should surely be satisfaction enough for any mortal, even a “late start,” etc., but Miss Tanguay has had her personal delight in herself written into a song and mus need sing it to Union Square audiences this week. Of course it's fine to be a success, but it's ever so much nicer to have your friends tell you so, and ever so much nicer still to have your enemies grudgingly admit it than to blazon the fact before the world yourself. No matter how much conviction you may be able to put into the speech – or song- you can never be quite sure that everyone will believe. As a matter of fact everybody does believe Miss Tanguay – there's n
Variety 5:1 (05/04/1907)