Ernest J. Mack & Co.’s A Page From Life

Mr. Swickard is a burglar because he wears a mask, but when the butler tells the burglar he is 63 years old, no one believes the butler except the burglar, because the butler doesn’t look his age.
A burglar (Charles Swickard) in a midnight robbery eventually discovers the butler (Ernest J. Mack), who is alone at the time, to be his father, and the burglar says “father,” and the father says “Danny.” Preceding this sobbing finish, Mr. Mack gives a first-class comedy characterization of an Irishman.
Mr. Mack is too good an Irishman to waste his time with the piece, and Mr. Swickard is too poor a burglar to ever be in danger.
Variety 5:1 (05/04/1907)