Edwards David

The first section had been closed by the Doners in their second week. During intermission and stretching it a bit, Edwards David made a Police Hospital Fund appeal, drawing a few laughs on his facetious remarks anent the cops, at the same time humoring up the house for the collection boxes. For the four days of the fund collecting, inclusive of Sunday night, the Palace had taken up around $1,100. Mr. Davis referred to without mentioning the Morning World, which had been panning the Police Hospital from the public for several days. He said there were objectors to everything, and in this case they could be set down as conscientious objectors. The usherets passed little straw baskets up the aisles. The girl on the right-hand aid of that row of boxes having nothing but box seats to collect from, when she reached the last box had two one dollars bills in the basket and some small silver, probably around $4 in all. There are 12 or 14 boxes on that side.  
Variety Magazine, LVIII: 17 December 1920