Dockstader Minstrels

“The final curtain drops upon the scene of destruction with one small negro baby staring curiously at the departing audience. The cyclone is a fine product of the magic lantern with luminous rain and lightning more real than the genuine article.” One of the funniest property horses seen in town. A kind applause tableau of Roosevelt leading a charge up San Juan Hill with an American Flag formed in the sky, it is rather poorly done. The best dancing act is the third number of the first part, dancing in a watermelon patch in soft shoes. The other big dancing number is a clog done by twelve men. Dockstader uses a setting of a huge album in which there are life-sized enlargements of portraits of the famous minstrels of the past.
Singing and comedy, same old jokes. Scene with a talking machine. Manuel Romain sings with headtones only. H. McDonald sings from his toes. Effective use of an organ.
Appeared to please tremendously
Smart and entertaining show
Variety, 1:3 (20/1/1906)