Denton and Scott

One plays "straight," and is overzealous, while the comedian is making a mess of his make-up. They sing up-to-date songs, but seem to have taken no pains to emphasize the points. For an illustration, the "Theodore" number. The line about that President Roosevelt "will bite the isthmus right in two," the best in the song, falls utterly flat as sung by Denton and Scott because it goes along in the ding-dong style adopted by them. "No Wedding Bells for Me," a number from which much capital could be made through expression, suffers the same fate
Denton and Scott have a fair chance, but they must use intelligence. New York City isn't Kokomo. Provincial acts could take the old matter out before coming in Pastor's. It might mean a return date, at least, if they did.
Variety 7:4 (07/27/1907)