Danse De La Revenge

The Spanish dancer in the piece, which is a number of the “Parisian Widows” olio is La Tierro. Phillipe Du Faure is the bandit in this, as he was also in the other. A third person, called Senor Garcia, appears, and there is knockabout finish, during which everything movable in the cabin interior setting is pushed over.
Also the battle between the man and woman, terminating in the death of the bandit as the church bells toll.
This the audience liked.
As a pantomimist he is always excellent, but could display his art better with Guerrerro, for she was nearer to his class, while La Tierro is not. If hard work entitles La Tierro to credit she scored a success, but it was rather the idea of the pantomime, with the suggestiveness of it, that held the attention.
Variety 3:2 (03/09/1907)