Dance of te Seven Veils

Eight people are scattered over the stage, including a King and Baroness Von Elsner
sings the translated song without having had her voice retouched for the occasion.
Mme. Pilar Morin, who attended to the dancing, turned and glided while removing the yards of gauze much in the same manner as a "head of stock" would unroll a piece of goods. She made three distinct attempts to draw the King's attention to the fact that she wore no corsets. His Royal Highness left the throne and after carefully looking her over for a minute and a half noticed the absence; then the curtain came down.
The house howled with mirth.
The dancer, whoever she may be, should acquire a "couch" undulating movemet, and when the last of the seven veils in removed, even less than a veil should remain. If "Salome" remains potent in the public's mind "The Dance of the Seven Veils" will be a good box office card.
Variety 2:1 (02/02/1907)