Miss Vedder displayed a gorgeous green gown and put into a lot of vacant dialogue. Her appearance alone justified her presence and she added gratuitously an agreeable manner, graceful stage deportment, and a figure that, set off by tights, roused the boys to spontaneous applause. The frocks of the chorus for the first part are conspicuously chic and well made, but there is not one change, the same dressing being worn throug half a dozen numbers.
Miss Faytelle has a decidedly agreeable voice and appearance, and in her olio number scored strongly with a song directed at men down front.
In the olio Barnold's Dog Pantomime was a veritable riot. The act is worked on wit a remarkable degree of smoothness and speed and with a really startling bit of comedy in a “drunk” that won an almost unbelievable volume of laughter and applause. Welch and Maitland, with a contortion and dancing specialty, deserved a much better place than the opening in the olio. The man has a dozen new kinks in contortion work, all of them well worth while, and the woman, besides making three pretty changes, exhibits exceptional grace and skill. The Millard Brothers, byciclist, have a good finish and throughout their work passes with bells on, both in the straight riding and comedy parts, although some of the clown's stunts are borrowed. Eckel and Warner inflict a German dialect conversation act tat bored to extinction. Eckel does a “straight part” in the pieces without distinction, and in the olio number his dialect was badley off key.
Variety 4:3 (04/20/1907)