Claude and Fannie Usher. “The Bide-a-Wee Home’: Drama

29 Mins.; Full Stage. Claude and Fannie Usher have one of the most effective combinations of pathos and laughter that ‘ vaudeville has seen in some time. There is a great deal in the manner in which the act is played, and to say that the characterization that Miss Usher gives indicates she is starring material for a Broadway production… The scene is the office of a doctor. There is a little comedy opening and then the “kid” arrives. She relates” the story of how she is the abandoned daughter of the foot light favorite. But the chatter leading up to this is replete with laughs, and the final twist has one up in the air. She believes that she is coming to the doctor’s house to work as a servant, but in reality it is the doctor’s intention, or rather that of his mother, to adopt her. Finally it is disclosed that she is the doc’s own daughter and the stage favorite is the wife who deserted him years ago. There are but two roles, the two mothers being referred to only. The act hangs entirely on the shoulders of Miss Usher and for the full 29 minutes she holds the audience in the palm of her hand, swaying them whither she wills, either to laughter -or to the verge of tears. It was a truly remarkable display of artistry. The playlet is one that will go on forever in vaudeville and like Peter Pan never grow old any more than Miss Usher seems to.
Variety, LVII:6 January 1920