“I came on in my Nile green silk body dress, with pink fleshings or tights and pink acrobatic shoes. I wore pink roses on my shoulder and in my hair. When I came on I was wrapped in a long pink opera cloak, which I threw back.”
One of very few performances in which Charmion did not perform her famous disrobing act, since her manager was "afraid to risk it with that audience."
"The audience [...] was the most cordial I have ever had. The applause was not so loud as I have awakened at some places, but it was the most sincere. There was the silence of bated breath at times, and then the ripple of intense excitement that pleases an artist more than the car-crackling kind of applause. [...] I heard a soft sound that delighted me [...] It was the soft patter of small, slippered feet. The ladies were pleased with my act." She did not perform her disrobing act, to which "that big, fashionable audience sighed. It was disappointed because it was to miss the disrobing scene."
Charmion's letter for the Sunday New York Journal, 1898