Broadway Gaiety Girls

The lights in this, shading upon yellow, bring the chorus into disrepute through exposing their rouged faces, and throwing into relief all their facial imperfections. “Honey in the Springtime,” sung by Beatrice Haines, although Dan Evans was programmed for it, is a pretty number, with the girls costumed in trousers and shirt waists, a new, odd and pleasing combination. Miss Haines also led a “pajama” dressed selection, in which seem to be missing in the white tights of the Misses Bigger and Raymond at the finale, a sort of Amazon march.
Lillie Raymond has a principal part and sings “Sunflower” in the opening.
Lillie Raymond has a principal part and sings “Sunflower” in the opening. Miss Haines opens the olio with songs and dances. And sang “Cheer Up, Mary” well, also “Won't you come over in my yard” with the slides, and for an encore danced. Dan Gracie's acrobatics and the singing gave the olio act a fair send-off to a rather old Tuesday night house. The La Belle Trio gave a three-man minstrel and Mario and Aldo on the horizontal bars showed nothing sensational, although executing “doubles” off the bars in a clean-cut style. One works in comedy make-up.
Controversies with the orchestra take up much of the time, and Weber in this sustains an irritable demeanor excellently, attesting that he is a comedian above those found as a rule in burlesque. He should seek vaudeville or the legitimate.
Variety 3:1 (03/02/1907)