“Boston Belles”

Featuring Charles Banks in a blackface monologue; Minnie Burke (song and dance); Edgar Bixley; Fred Nolan plays a "rube"; Tina Rice plays a spinster, while John Walters is a country "kid."; Bessie Rosa sang "The Girl Who Threw Me Down"; May Bryant was billed but did not appear; W.H. Houghton plays the devil. Music by W.K. Whiting.
A little slow in the opening, the second act caught up quickly, and was the nearest approach to comic opera so far seen in burlesque. The "Boston Belles" will have to be again re-shaped before it is satisfactory. The present cast does not carry enough material to select an olio from, which would pass, if an olio is to be insisted upon.
Variety 9:7 (01/25/1908)