Ben Vernon and Company

Two men and a woman in a comedy pantomime, “The Broken Mirror.” Scene interior of a German army officer’s room. The officer enters in an intoxicated condition. He retires to another room and during his absence the maid and the officer’s valet break a standing mirror.  Presently the officer returns in shirtsleeves and approaches the mirror. The valet hastily dresses to look like the officer and both reach the mirror at the same time. The valet makes every move the officer makes fooling him into believing he is looking at the mirror. The sketch ends when the officer is satisfied the mirror is alright. There is quite a little comedy brought out at the mirror. It is a fair opening act. C.D.F. 12 min.
University of Iowa, Keith Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 9 September 1912 – 24 February 1913.