Barrett and Earle

Vera Barrett and Arthur Earle have teamed up to present the 15 minute comedy, "Who's Who." The scene is set on a New York street. Barrett and Earle are supposed to be performers who have found themselves broke in the big city. Earle receives a letter stating that the girls rag doll has been hidden. Miss Barrett's character is reminded of her childhood and thus sings a song of her past. She then departs the stage while Earle does a whistling song. During this time Barrett changes into her doll make up and impersonates the doll. They then do a duet, Barrett singing and Earle whistling.
The audience was so enthusiastic that the actors were required to give five bows.
The sketch is very clever and entertaining. Miss Barrett performs her solo quite well.
Variety 21:7 (01/21/1911)