The Scotchman is a maginificent specimen of pysical development. He is equally strong in his hands, feet and neck, wile supporting power is proven by holding an upright piano upon his chest, with seven men also, one dancing a breakdown. Apollo offers a money reward to anyone successfully lifting a sack of flour weighing about 250 pounds from the floor to the shoulder. Several who attempted it failed, affording lots of fun. Holding a boy upon the calf of his right leg (at a right angle) while standing upright with no support; twirling of billiard cues with the fingers only Apollo gets up from lying prostrate upon the floor, with a pole across his neck held down on both ends by two men.
The Scotchman explains his offer with a short, well-enunciated speech and has a pleasant and graceful manner on the stage. In the line of strong acts Apollo is showing so much new matter that he ranks as novelty.
Variety 1:4 (26/01/1907)